Celebrating 5 Years, Hearing Health Fair!

Celebrating 5 Years!

Successfully Evaluating and Treating Tinnitus and Hearing Disorders


Julie Eschenbrenner, Au. D. Established Flatirons Audiology, Inc. in in 2007 to reach out to the many people who have been told that they have no choice but to live with their tinnitus.

“The need for a local Audiology practice focusing on both tinnitus and hearing loss was evident to me”, states Dr. Julie.  “I talk to people all the time who think there is no treatment for tinnitus but there is simply no need for the suffering these patients go through.”

“Every patient is different and our approach begins with a thorough evaluation from which we prepare an individualized treatment plan.   Depending on the results and the plan, follow up visits may be scheduled.”

It is important to understand that ‘treatment’ and ‘cure’ have different meanings.  Although there is not cure, “We see patients walk into our office who are clearly feeling miserable and after their first 90 minute consultation, they typically leave with hope and a smile ”, says Wendi Gonzales, Practice Manager.  “It’s immensely rewarding.”

To celebrate five successful years, we would like to invite you, your family and friends to our first Hearing Health Fair on Monday August 20th.  We have arranged for an interesting mix of Audiologists, Otolaryngologists, Practitioners, Hearing Aid Manufacturers and other professionals to come together, Open House style, to answer your questions and share the most cutting edge treatments and technology available.

Visit our exhibitors and learn how to have the quality of life you deserve:

  • Quiet your Tinnitus
  • Improve confidence through better hearing
  • Communicate better
  • Newest Treatment Options
  • Newest Technology
  • Newest Training
  • Bring your iPod & headphones to find out how loud they really are!

We hope you will mark your calendars and Celebrate Five Years with us!


Dr. Julie Eschenbrenner, Au.D. 

Flatirons Audiology, Inc.

Dr. Heidi Adams, Au. D., Educational Audiologist

Dr. Lisa Amerine, Doctor of Homeopathy

Mark Brungardt,, Neuromuscular Massage Therapist.

Dr. J. Michael King, Otolaryngologist

Mary Volume, N.P.

Find Out About New Treatment Options by: Neuromonics and Sounds Cure

And New Technology by: Starkey Surflink Mobile and Phonak ComPilot 2X’s Battery Life, remote & Bluetooth all in one

And much more…


Exempla Good Samaritan Hospital Conference Rooms

200 Exempla Circle, Lafayette, Co  80026

DATE: August 20, 2012

TIME: 5pm – 7:30 pm

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New Treatment For Tinnitus Available at Flatirons Audiology, Inc.

A great article by Pat Brennan, the science writer at the Orange County Register.  He highlights the research from UC Irvine, with some very clear and compelling quotes by Dr. Zeng explaining the S-Tone and its impact on patients within the study.  This article demonstrates the interest of the news media in this research.


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Love, Marriage and Hearing Loss

Love, Marriage and Hearing Loss: Listen to me Dear!

Recent studies show untreated hearing loss can take a serious toll on marriage due to the effects untreated hearing loss has on communication. The best way to prevent marriage problems due to hearing loss is to treat hearing loss with hearing aids.

Married to someone with hearing loss? What difficulties have you experienced?


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Complications With Childhood Diseases Can Dramatically Affect Hearing And Learning

There was a story on The Today Show that indicated Colorado is in the lowest 8 states for not properly immunizing our children against childhood diseases.


TESTIMONIAL by Cindy Sullivan:  I was little when the measles vaccine came out but my sister and I unfortunately got the measles before we could get vaccinated.  I was apparently very sick with measles and when I was finally able to return to elementary school everyone thought I was fine.

But my grades and classroom participation declines significantly and teachers thought maybe my fever had affected my leaning ability.  Not true.  What we later discovered was that the measles caused permanent and total damage to my hearing nerve in one ear.  Since I was so young and could hear out of the other ear, this was hard to detect.

All I needed to do was sit on the side of the side of the room so that  my hearing ear, not my deaf ear, was pointed toward the discussion.  Problem solved… for then.

There is now technology which Dr. Julie fitted me with, called a Cros Aid.  I wear one tiny receiver in my deaf ear that transmits sound from my deaf side to my hearing side.  Now it does not matter where I sit in restaurants, meetings or classes.  I can hear everything!   It’s a wonderful gift!

But this type of hearing loss could have been prevented if I’d just been given the vaccine.

Cindy Sullivan

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One in 5 Americans Suffer From Hearing Loss

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans have hearing loss which can significantly reduce interaction during the holidays. Don’t miss out on holiday fun, call our office for your annual hearing test today!  303.664.9111

http://www.allied360email.com/t.do?id=9234450%3A13813758 A new study from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine… fb.me/1mLjAfxV5

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Happy Thanksgiving!  Wishing you all a beautiful day of reflection about all we have to be thankful for.  Wishing you health and happiness.

Untreated hearing loss linked to unhealthy aging. If you know someone suffering from a hearing loss, urge them to get their hearing checked by a professional.


Hearing loss linked to ‘unsuccessful’ aging from Clinical Psychiatry News
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