Complications With Childhood Diseases Can Dramatically Affect Hearing And Learning

There was a story on The Today Show that indicated Colorado is in the lowest 8 states for not properly immunizing our children against childhood diseases.

TESTIMONIAL by Cindy Sullivan:  I was little when the measles vaccine came out but my sister and I unfortunately got the measles before we could get vaccinated.  I was apparently very sick with measles and when I was finally able to return to elementary school everyone thought I was fine.

But my grades and classroom participation declines significantly and teachers thought maybe my fever had affected my leaning ability.  Not true.  What we later discovered was that the measles caused permanent and total damage to my hearing nerve in one ear.  Since I was so young and could hear out of the other ear, this was hard to detect.

All I needed to do was sit on the side of the side of the room so that  my hearing ear, not my deaf ear, was pointed toward the discussion.  Problem solved… for then.

There is now technology which Dr. Julie fitted me with, called a Cros Aid.  I wear one tiny receiver in my deaf ear that transmits sound from my deaf side to my hearing side.  Now it does not matter where I sit in restaurants, meetings or classes.  I can hear everything!   It’s a wonderful gift!

But this type of hearing loss could have been prevented if I’d just been given the vaccine.

Cindy Sullivan

About tinnitusdrjulie

Dr. Julie Eschenbrenner has been licensed to practice audiology since 1998. She opened her private practice specializing in evaluation and treatment of tinnitus, comprehensive hearing services and amplification. Dr. Eschenbrenner was one of the first audiologists in Colorado to offer neuromonics as a treatment for tinnitus and she continues to stay abreast of and add new technology as improvements in treatment of Tinnitus improves. Dr. Eschenbrenner’s education includes: Doctor of Audiology degree from the University of Florida in Gainsville Masters Degree in Audiology from the University of Colorado at Boulder Bachelor’s Degree in Audiology and Speech Sciences from Michigan State University Dr. Eschenbrenner’s professional affiliations include: Board Certification in Audiology from the American Board of Audiology Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology Member AMerican Tinnitus Association Member in good standing of the Colorado Academy of Audiology Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Julie lives in Broomfield with her husband and two young sons.
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